APS Accredited – The role of the Principal Designer under CDM 2015 (2 Day)

As part of there Continuing Professional Development and to strengthen their already vast Knowledge, Experience and Training, Four of our employees recently attended the APS Accredited – The role of the Principal Designer under CDM 2015 2 Day course, carried out by Synergie Training.


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This course is primarily intended for design organisations currently operating in the UK construction sector who fulfil the role of Principal Designer on construction projects. It is aimed at duly technically competent organisations that require supplementary training in order to provide them with the additional necessary skills and knowledge necessary to accept such an appointment under CDM 2015 (on suitable projects for which they have an appropriate level of relevant experience). This course is ideal for design practices, engineering consultants and project management organisations who currently operate such an undertaking in Great Britain. Local Authority design and management departments may also find this course useful, particularly where they undertake a design role during the earlier stages of a project. In these circumstances they may well be deemed to attract the Principal Designer role, unless they have made other arrangements with a third party using a written appointment.

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