Why do you need risk assessments?

As an employer you have both a moral and legal duty to ensure the health & safety of your workers and anybody else who may be affected by what you do or what you don’t do.

The costs associated with accidents have significantly increased over the last 2 years and properly conducted risk assessments are a critical element to reduce the likelihood of accidents,  compensation claims or even prosecution.

What the law says

Companies who employ 5 or more staff have a legal obligation to carry out written health and safety risk assessments of all of their significant hazards

Where are risk assessments needed?

Here are just a few examples where risk assessments will be needed:

  • Manual handling activities require a manual handling risk assessment that considers the tasks being carried out, the loads being handled, the work environment and the individuals involved
  • New legislation requires every non-domestic premise to carry out a fire risk assessment.
  • Hazardous substances require a specific COSHH risk assessment – obtaining the safety data sheet alone does not comply with the law
  • display screen equipment risk assessment should be carried out on every computer user
  • We will carry out relevant risk assessments on people identified as being at risk such as Young Persons or Expectant Mothers
  • Premises and Activities all need risk assessing to avoid any injury to your employees and possible legal action if relevant health and safety practices are not in place
  • All work equipment is risk assessed to avoid injury.  Examples of these could be lifting and access equipment, office equipment, power and hand tools or machines

What can we do to help?

We can work with you to to ensure your risk assessments are::

  • carried out by competent people
  • suitable for the risks in your business
  • sufficient in terms of level of detail
  • reviewed if there is reason to suspect that they are no longer valid

We can do this by;

  1. ensuring health and safety assistance is available to support your risk assessments in the form of full training to people you nominate to produce your risk assessments
  2. carrying out your risk assessments for you; thereby removing the headache whilst giving you the peace of mind that they have been done correctly.

Our health and safety risk assessment experts can also help construction and contracting organisations with generic risk assessments and method statements that are able to be modified to suit specific jobs, and site-specific risk assessment documents and procedures.

Why not let us take away the headache and help you achieve your goals

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