Specific Fire Safety Consultancy & Training Services

Rawlings offer a range of services to assist your organisation to effectively manage fire safety. All these services are delivered by highly competent specialists whose background includes many years of experience in the fire sector as fire officers and service trainers in Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

The services include:

  • Fire Risk Assessments: which assess the risk to life and property/business continuity.
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Awareness Training
  • Fire Marshal Training
  • Support training packages for ongoing fire awareness training
  • Advice on and/or production of Emergency Fire and Evacuation Plans.
  • Advice on and/or production of Fire Safety Management Strategy Documents.
  • Provision of Testing and Maintenance pro formas to ensure accurate and documented records.
  • Provision of Fire Safety checklists/ audits pro formas to ensure accurate and documented records.
  • Provision of guidance on the legislation and compliance
  • Follow up advice via telephone; site visits and e-mail as required.

What are the benefits of these products to your organisation?

To ensure legal compliance

The range of services will assist the responsible person to carry out the statutory requirements placed on them by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. (FSO) as follows:

  • Undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment is required under section 9.
  • Fire Safety Training of employees is required under Section 21.
  • The provision of a fire marshal/s is a required under Section 18.
  • The provision of information on risks and emergency procedures is required under Section 19.
  • The provision of information to other employers/employees who may be affected by a fire at your premises/s is required under Section 20.
  • The duty to take such general fire precautions for all relevant persons as may be reasonably required to ensure that the premises are safe is a required under Section 8.
  • Testing and Maintenance is a requiremed under Section 17.

To avoid the financial implications of fire

Fire can have devastating consequences financially to a business and its continuity   often resulting in closure of a business

  • Failure to comply with legislation could result in any/all of the following:
  • A prohibition notice being placed on your business activity by the enforcing authority which could cost time and money
  • A fine if serious breaches of the legislation are found.
  • Business lost due to reputational damage resulting from a fire or adverse publicity

 To address the Moral and Personal issues with fire

  • Be prepared and ready. Fire often slips under the radar of organisations since other forms of injury/ill health to employees are more common. However if a fire occurs injuries can be major and fatalities are a possibility.
  • Legislation places a huge onus on protection of life risk above all else.
  • A responsible person or other significant figures within an organisation can be prosecuted and face possible imprisonment.
  • Well trained and informed employees will be more likely to safely and effectively evacuate in a fire situation.
  • Other relevant persons who may be affected by a fire at your premise’s/s will be more likely to safely and effectively evacuate in a fire situation.

The specific fire safety services Rawlings provide can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and can range from undertaking a fire risk assessment or the provision of training to a full package of fire safety management assistance incorporating all elements of the service.

We offer health and safety training Nationwide: