Who should attend?

The National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety is designed for supervisors and managers within the construction industry and is designed to provide a sound breadth of underpinning knowledge that enables them to discharge more effectively their duties with respect to health and safety in construction activities.


The 15-day course will enable participants to:

  • Identify hazards and unsafe practices
  • Advice on, or take appropriate remedial action to reduce, the risks in the working environment
  • Use proactive strategies to prevents accidents and control risk
  • Identify the main requirements of health and safety legislation
  • Select appropriate safety monitoring techniques


A 15-day course leading to a nationally recognised qualification in Occupational Safety and Health.

The course is split into 3 units:

NGC1: The Management of Safety & Health
NCC1: Controlling Workplace Hazards
NCC2: Practical/Inspection

To achieve the NEBOSH National Construction Certificate you must complete all 3 units (NGC1, NCC1 & NCC2) within 5 years.

If you have been awarded the NEBOSH National General Certificate or NEBOSH National Fire Certificate in the last 5 years you will be exempt from Unit NGC1 and can simply ‘top up’ by completing Unit NCC1 and the practical assessment (Unit NCC2)

Course Programme

Unit NGC1: The Management of Safety & Health

Element 1: Foundations in Health and Safety
Element 2: Plan
Element 3: Do
Element 4: Check
Element 5: Act

Assessed by a two-hour written exam

Unit NCC1: Managing and Controlling Hazards in Construction Activities

Element 1: Construction Law and Management
Element 2: Construction Site – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 3: Vehicle and Plant Movement – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 4:  Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
Element 5: Work Equipment – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 6: Electrical Safety
Element 7: Fire Safety
Element 8: Chemical and Biological Health – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 9:  Physical and Psychological Health – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 10: Working at Height – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 11: Excavation Work & Confined Spaces – Hazards and Risk Control
Element 12:  Demolition and Deconstruction – Hazards and Risk Control

Assessed by a two-hour written exam

Unit NCC2: Construction Health and Safety Practical Application

The aim of this unit is to assess a candidate’s ability to complete successfully two activities:

To carry out, unaided, a safety inspection of a workplace, identifying the more common hazards, deciding whether they are adequately controlled and, where necessary, suggesting appropriate and cost effective control measures.

To prepare a report that persuasively urges management to take appropriate action, explaining why such action is needed (including reference to possible breaches of legislation) and identifying, with due consideration of reasonable practicability, the control measures that should be implemented.

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