CSCS Cards

Understand the process

What is the CSCS scheme all about?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) runs the CSCS scheme.

They are an organisation set up by the Government to work with construction companies to help build the UK’s reputation for having a world-class construction industry.

One of the ways they do this is by making employers in the construction industry pay a levy, which is then used to fund projects to do things like improve skills and promote training of workers in the construction industry.

The CSCS scheme was set up as part of this – to help reduce accidents on construction sites and help them to run more smoothly

What is the Process?

   Proving you have an accepted qualification –  online cardfinder.

   Pass the CITB Health, safety & environment test

   Pay the £36 CSCS Application fee

What can we do to help you?

We can help get through stage  of the above process for the green CSCS cards.

The IOSH Working Safely Course and the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course (HSA) are MANDATORY courses that you must attend * in order for you to obtain the CSCS Green Site Labourers card.

We run both these courses on a regular basis at our training centre in Liverpool or on your company premises.

Visit our course calendar on our training website for forthcoming dates and information on course prices.

*unless you have an equivalent qualification


CSCS Cards are issued as part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The scheme aims to increase safety on construction sites and to ensure that those working in the construction industry have the necessary health and safety knowledge. Having a card contributes towards the overall safety and standard of a construction site 
The CSCS Card is not a legal requirement, but is highly recommended, as many contractors only employ those that have the card. Some construction projects may also have certain conditions regarding CSCS Cards, meaning you will need the card to work at certain sites
The Green CSCS Card is for you if you wish to work in the construction industry as a labourer or in a similar entry-level position. It is the most common type of CSCS Card
To qualify for this card, you will need to be at least 16 years old and have the QCF level 1/SCQF level 4 health and safety in construction qualification, as well as have passed the CITB HSE test within the last two years
Blue Skilled Worker Card

This card shows that you meet all of the legal requirements to practice your trade, and that you have the necessary qualifications o do so. If you have completed an employer-sponsored apprenticeship, this is the card you need.

In order to be eligible for this card, you will need to possess the technical qualifications that are relevant to your trade or the academic qualifications. You must also have passed the CITB HSE test within the last two years. This card is valid for five years before it needs to be renewed.

Red Apprentice Card

If you are looking to start your career in construction, this the first card you need, and it will show that you have all of the required health and safety awareness for when you are on the site. This card offers the first steps toward your construction career.

In order to qualify for this card, you must be on an accredited apprenticeship, as well as be able to provide proof and confirmation that you are currently on the course. Unless you are exempt, you will also need to have passed the CITB HSE test within the last two years. This card is valid for six months and cannot be renewed.

Red Trainee/Experienced Worker Card

This is a level up from the apprentice card as it will show that you also hold a number of relevant qualifications in addition to the health and safety tests. It also demonstrates that you are taking the required courses for the trade that you wish to enter once you complete your training and studies.

This allows you to get a level 2 or 3 NVQ/SVQ if you do not have one already, and is for those who have just started as a construction trainee. Once again, you must have a valid CITB HSE test, and this card is valid for five years. However, it cannot be renewed once it expires

This card is valid for five years and can be renewed. You can also upgrade your card if you progress

CSCS cards cost £36 and the separate CITB Health, safety and environment test costs £21.

Beware of organisations that offer card application services. If you are being charged more than the costs above  for a CITB Health, safety & environment test, check that you understand what additional services you will receive.

Once you have either the Level One Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or the Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness Course AND the CITB Health Safety and Environment test, you can apply for the Labourer card. You can find more details about how to apply on the CSCS website.

You can make the application by phone or by completing an application form to send in by post. You will see that there is an application form for a ‘Craft and Operative Card’. This is suitable for site visitors, basic site operatives and construction related occupation (CRO) workers and is the application form that you will need to get a Labourer card.

Please note that at section C, it appears that you need to have the form countersigned by your employer or another CSCS card holder of the appropriate seniority, in order that they can verify your suitability for a CSCS card and your identity

You can find out more about the different cards on the CSCS website