How to be effective and efficient when completing PQQs for your business


What your Business Needs to Know:

How to be effective and efficient when completing Pre Qualification Questionnaires for Your Business with Support from Rawlings Consultancy Services

Tendering and Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) are a criticality for every business, completing them efficiently on time and with the correct information can sustain and extend contracts for your business.

Rawlings will always support and assist you in this process with free support hours and meetings as required as per our services sheet.  However, there are key tasks you should complete to achieve maximum efficiency and also some information that only you and your business can include.

Therefore, obtain the PQQ and complete all the key areas that you can so we can help you as quickly as possible, i.e.:

Common Questions to be completed by you:

  • Fill in all your company details
  • Fill in any financial information re: Company Accounts, etc
  • Complete any questions that you can i.e. accident statistics, details of any H.S.E. actions (a very common question)
  • Define training provided to employees with certificates
  • Provide Insurance Details from your business
  • Previous Work/Project History
  • Very often they want you to provide referees
  • Very often they want Safety Inspection/Method Statements from Previous Works (we can help)

Once you have completed the information that you can import, don’t hesitate to contact Rawlings Consultancy for support and assistance, completing “your aspect” of the form will greatly increase efficiency and speed up the process.

As part of our Professiona Safety Advisory Service we can help you to complete PQQs and associated health and safety matters.  If you would like further information please contact us either by email or telephone 0151 480 8968.

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