Pre-qualification Questionnaires

Helping you get fit to tender

What is a PQQ?”

PQQs are bit like an application form: a sort of organisational CV to showcase what your company already does. They will not get you the job but they should get you the interview.

A PQQ will ask for all your organisational information and also how you manage your business:

  • Do you have ISO? Or other suitable certifications?
  • If not, what systems do you have in place?
  • Do you have an environmental/sustainability/employment/equal opportunities/health and safety/etc. policy?

You will be asked to provide your accounts, references and you will usually be asked to outline the experience that you have had in delivering the type of work to which the PQQ pertains.

What can we do to help?

We can offer a range of PQQ consultancy services.

These include

  • help completing and / or reviewing PQQs
  • writing company policies, procedures, risk assessments and method statements
  • delivering any training that may be needed

Why not let us take away the headache

We can offer the level of support required to help you succeed