Site Inspections

Monitoring your sites to ensure compliance

Health & Safety Inspections

They are a necessary part of any effective health & safety management system.

Performing thorough checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk.

We carry out full health and safety inspections of the physical aspects of your premises, as well as your on-site documentation.

Full reports are produced that detail:

  • Observations made and hazards identified
  • Level of risk (High, Medium or Low)
  • Any recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance

Why undertake site inspections?

Legal compliance

Independent assessment


Protection from HSE

Peace of mind


Why do you need us?

Our experienced team of health and safety consultants spend every day developing policies and procedures, undertaking site inspections or acting as CDM advisors. 

They can help you to mitigate risk by combining toolbox talks after an inspection has been done. This can provide additional evidence that you are fulfilling legal obligations to give employees and subcontractors information and training to protect their wellbeing.

Inspection reports can be submitted electronically or can be handwritten and issued on site. 

Our inspection service can also be covered as part of our Professional Safety Advisor Service.

We know what best practice looks like and how to implement it.

What do our inspections offer?

Our health and safety site inspections are rooted in practical experience, and our customers benefit from:

  • Structured standardised inspection and reporting of areas of risk and best practice
  • Consistency nationwide, from inspection to inspection, and from site to site across the country
  • Regional and site-level comparisons of health and safety performance
  • Consistent high quality, through regular peer-group inspections and reviews
  • Photographic evidence and examples embedded in the inspection reports, where appropriate
  • Wherever possible, initial inspection reports emailed directly from site, for immediate notification of serious issues
  • Management reports to identify areas of risk, and to benchmark against the industry.

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